Well said: “You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it”.

In reading this blog post on Betchablog, Education + Technology + Ideas http://chrisbetcher.com/2011/05/you-dont-have-to-like-it/ I realized I share many similar views about teaching and technology as the blogger, Chris. I love the main point that he makes stating that technology in schools is not a new thing yet teachers make excuses not to use it in their teaching practice. This is an issue that I feel can not be overlooked anymore.

As Chris mentions in his post, teachers continue to struggle with technology saying it’s too hard. As much as I want teachers to stop making excuses I can relate with this struggle; so it’s easier said than done. One reason why I struggled with technology in teaching is that in my practice teaching in teacher’s college (which I only took last year), I was given little opportunity to integrate technology into my lessons. In addition since I was so overwhelmed with just learning how to teach, I didn’t take the initative to learn myself. That is until now, as I am making the effort to familarize myself of the kinds of technology I can potentially use when I start teaching. I few things that I look for in deciding whether or not a certain teachnology would be suitable to use in a classroom are easy to implement, effective, child friendly and engaging software and tools. Another reason why I think, (and I’m going to generalize here), not enough teachers use technology in their teaching is that they didn’t grow up with it, so they don’t see how children are missing out and/or they just are overwhelmed with the idea so they just stick to what they know. But I do not want to be one of those teachers who isn’t trying to keep up with today’s digital era and I agree with Chris in his post as he states:

There are children in those classrooms every day who deserve the best education we can offer them, and it is completely unfair if that education is less than it should be because someone wants to pick and choose which aspects of their job they feel are important.  No child should have to put up with out of date learning experience just because their close-to-retirement teacher is “taxiing to the hangar”. (chrisbetcha.com)

I think what teachers just need to remember is that everyday our students are changing, and evolving physically, mentally, emotionally etc, as is everything else in our world, especially technology. So why resist it? Why make teaching more difficult for yourself as you sit there and wonder at the end of the day why your students aren’t paying attention, or excited to be in class. With that said, this blog relates to an article I read recently called Engage me or Enrage me by Marc Pensky, that talks about how we must change the way we teach to keep our students engaged in their learning at school. In the article Pensky makes an excellent point that has stuck with me “Students certainly don’t have short attention spans for their games, movies, music, or Internet surfing. More and more they just don’t tolerate the old ways- and they are enraged that wer are not doing better by them”.

Something I want anyone reading this post to take away is that educators need to provide our students with the most up to date learning as possible. What better way to do this then with the use of technology. We, as educators don’t have to be experts and use technology for every lesson in every subject area, but try and do it for the children. As Chris states in his blog: You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it!


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